June 28, 2019


Hi & welcome to my new blog…

Let me introduce myself… I’m Caron, a middle aged (I hate this term, but sadly it’s true!) Mum, founder and owner of BizBuzzBox.com (a digital marketing and advertising agency) and a coach. I live in Buckinghamshire, UK with my husband and our 2 gorgeous sons aged 12 & 9).

My passions are mindset stuff and the ever changing face of digital marketing & advertising, hence the acronym “Mmm… Mindset, Marketing & Me”!

My background covers a fairly long (longer than I care to admit!) and winding (interesting & enjoyable) career in Banking & Finance, Management Consultancy, Coaching, Programme Management and Digital Marketing. So, I’m not only familiar with the multi-national corporate environment & Big 5 Management Consultancy, but also owning my own training and marketing businesses and perhaps the hardest of all… being a Mum!

Life has come full circle in some ways for me… my BSc (Hons) Combined Science in Psychology, Computing & Economics (way back in 80’s) ties in perfectly to the world as I know it today – an integrated blend of psychology, marketing (& advertising) and technology.

I’m starting this blog to capture and share many of my thoughts, insights and experiences… Mmm!